Visit by KOTRA team members
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Fri, 2016-06-03 16:05
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University of Nairobi, Main Campus

Madaraka Day Celebrations across the country echoed what was happening in Korean Studies: Korea Trade-Investment Agency (KOTRA) team members visited us. However brief the meeting was, it was a promising one. To begin with, Korean Studies students will receive booklets that were part of gifts presented to the office through Dr. Jane Oduor, the Coordinator for the Korean Studies Programme. The booklets are meant to help our Korean Studies students to have an improved understanding of the Korean language, helping them in both reading and writing, as well as in building their vocabulary.

Even though we could not get our students to meet the guests as it was a national holiday, the team made creative videos for our students to watch and hence make an acquaintance with KOTRA. We look forward to a future visit by the same group, especially because they showed great enthusiasm in helping our students to have a better understanding of Korean language and culture. This is very important because bilateral relations between the two countries have in the recent years witnessed a progressive growth, and youth from both countries will play a big role in a future of continued cooperation.

As the team members work with the Global Youth Village Network, they left with the promise of bringing the Global Youth Start-up Challenge to the University of Nairobi sometime very soon. This is an opportunity we look forward to, since it will allow our students a chance to learn how to create rewarding business ideas and how to actualise them. It will enable them to also know how to express their ideas in a concrete and impressive way. Most especially, students will exert their presence in a global viewpoint.

We remain grateful to the team of three that visited us on June 1, 2016. We are also indebted to KOTRA for choosing University of Nairobi for the upcoming Global Youth Start-up Challenge. We remain keen to improve relations between Kenya and Korea, for the benefit of our students as well as of both countries.

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Fri, 2016-06-03 16:05
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Dr. Jane Oduor, Coordinator, Korean Studies Programme . email:

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